homepage redesign

Redesign of a homepage after a rebranding

Homepage redesign
Part of the rebranding
In January, DVDfly becomes HollyStar. for this rebranding I had to redesign many things, but the main was the homepage of the website.
This was the homepage before redesign. Multiple problems: No access to the website in the first  view, No content reachable without scrolling. They rent DVD & VOD, but wanted to have something more reliable with the cinema so next you will see my proposition.
Here you can access content vers quickly and push some of the content. Everything is more squared to look more modern, The background is dark to enlight pictures and be closer to the cinema ambiance.
Creation of these devices icons linked to functionality pages.
Javascript slider to present the new movies available.
Another javascript slider to show future releases or new movies to enlight.
Promotion blocks
Thank you for watching !
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